Compassionate Communication Nederland (in Nederland, CO, USA) is a discussion and practice group that aspires to Marshall Rosenberg’s work on Compassionate Communication, otherwise known as Nonviolent Communication (or NVC for short). Marshall’s book, Nonviolent Communication (see Resources), is the focus of the discussion (a copy is available in the Nederland Community Library).

We are loosely connected to the Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Center (RMCCC), and we draw on RMCCC trainers for our guidance and support. RMCCC organizes weekend trainings and other practice groups in the Denver area, which we strongly recommend! We endeavor to follow the Guidelines for Sharing NVC approved by the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

CC Nederland started in the summer of 2015. We welcome anyone with an interest, or who just wants to find out more, to join us for an evening. We recommend that you call ahead or email for more information (contact us).

Discussion Group Guidelines

Timeliness: We endeavor to start and end at the specified times. Consider coming early or staying late to socialize, have a snack, etc.

Confidentiality: We expect members of the group to respect each others’ privacy, and to not share others’ personal stories, anecdotes, events etc. outside of the group. Please do not bring up another person’s issues outside of the discussion group, unless they bring it up themselves.

Newcomers are welcome anytime to check out the group.

Regular attendees should have a basic understanding of the NVC model, especially during discussions of later chapters on the book.

Thoughts to Improve the Discussion

Read a chapter in Marshall Rosenberg’s book.

Keep a journal of ‘events’ in your life, as material for discussion or reflection.

Review the needs and feelings wheels as things come up in your life.

Watch some videos on NVC; see the Chapter pages.