Marshall Rosenberg on Thoughts vs. Feelings

The description begins at about 2 minutes; at 6:05, Marshall gives a list of words that are not ‘feelings’; at 6:50, he discusses being specific. At 7:10 is a list of examples.

Other People Can’t Make You Feel

Alan Seid on Feelings

Here is a nice summary of feelings, and thoughts vs. feelings, in the Blackbelt Communication series (signup is required first) (video 3, at 7:25 min).

Sensations and Emotions

Sometimes, the association between bodily sensations and emotions is helpful.

See body emotion maps in this pdf. Or see an enlarged body map of the emotions here.

Exercise: Share your present feelings, as bodily sensations and emotions.

On Feelings vs. Thoughts

Feelings are Triggered by Thoughts and Associations

Exercise: View a variety of images in the news, on the internet, etc., and identify the sensations and emotions that arise.

Disentangling Thoughts and Feelings

I feel like etc.